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July 15 2017



It’s weird how “Fact-checking” and “News” are treated like two separate concepts nowadays.







Small tip to help some of your blind friends: do not put 10,000 emojis in the middle of a text or a post if you continue to put text after the emojis because I will tell you that I will Straight give up if I have to listen to “face with tears of joy, face with tears of joy, face with tears of joy,” 23 times just to hear the rest of your text or post.

Oh my god, that’s what screen readers say when they read out emojis?? I didn’t realize.. I will change how I write my posts now… My bad…

This is good to know. Pretend there are twenty three light bulb emojis indicating sudden understanding following this text.

So the clap hands emoji post would be extra annoying since you can’t just speed read it, damn!

YES. That is one of my least favorite emojis because it’s LONG. It also says skin tone on some, and while that’s AWESOME, if you put 30 prayer hands, I have to hear “hands clasped in celebration with medium dark skin tone” 30 times in full. And even if I use a braille display, it still writes it out in full because there’s no real way to represent them any other way yet, so until someone invents a Braille display with like 10 lines that isn’t astronomically expensive, there’s no easy way to skip over them.

Now, at least with some screen readers, punctuation is a little different and if there are multiple of the same thing it’ll say like “17 exclamation points” instead of saying them all individually, and I wish that update would be made to screen readers to speak emojis in multiples that way… That would be a good solution.

July 14 2017


You would not believe your toes



if 10 million sharp legos

Stabbed through your skin like kitchen knives 


can anyone help this trans teen stay warm this winter?





it’s really cold where i am, and i’d really love to be able to get another blanket, or a heater, or even just a jumper. if you can spare any money towards me getting either of those things.

please, donate. i would appreciate it so so much.

my paypal link

if you can’t donate or don’t want to send money. you can buy directly off my amazon wishlist !! and if you cant do either, please reblog.

on top of me just being cold, my guardian is refusing to let me eat food and to use electricity. so the heater on my amazon wishlist would be a bust, please go for the blanket if you choose to buy off there. any money received will now go towards getting a blanket, some warm pants, a jumper. and food. please donate if you can. and if not, please reblog.

so the situation got way worse. my guardian has been threatening to kick me out all day, it’s even escalated to him throwing my stuff in the drive way outside of my house until i gave him the last of the money i had in my bank.

he’s very violent, and has hurt me on multiple occasions these past few weeks, and i’m terrified. i don’t know how long i can deal with this. i hate having to ask for more than i’ve already received, but i need help.

i have nowhere else to go asides from where a friend has offered for me to stay. it’s however, on the opposite side of australia to where i am. which is a, fair amount of money.

this is the current balance of my paypal account (and i’m very thankful for this)

but the cost of the flight, however, varies.

to be able to get to somewhere safe, i need atleast $400/$500.(to cover costs and getting my stuff transported) which i know is a lot, but please, i can’t handle this anymore. i’ve dealt with this abuse for years, i’m traumatized because of it. i’m on several different types of medication and have been hospitalized several times just this year because i am unable to handle the abuse i’m put through daily. if you can donate, even $5. it would help so, so much. and please, if you can’t donate, reblogging helps more than you think.


Reblog if you live in Australasia


I’m really curious about what the distribution of tumblr users looks like worldwide…

Central America  North America  South America  Africa  Asia  Europe  (Antarctica???)






hear me out: daniel and david are both scrawny little fuckers but david does a lot in terms of outdoor activities and heavy work he has to have a bit of muscle to him. not like a noticable amount but he can do quite a bit. now we bring it back to how scrawny daniel is. david could throw him. david can lift max with ease he could absolutely throw daniel like a fuckin javelin


That’s a mental image I’m absurdly happy to have, thank you! (And one of the camps is “weights.” Another is “alligator wrestling.” Assuming David needs to be prepared to teach all of those, odds are he’s a mighty little string bean.)

david could potentially be the most powerful person on the planet with how strong and quick he has to be he may not be the strongest but boy howdy his ability to dodge must be stellar and he’d surely be strong enough to take someone out with enough hits as long as he avoids getting hit himself

I want an AU where David is a superhero, but completely on accident. He has no idea he’s stopping crimes, he has no idea he has powers. He’s just living his day making everyone feel better and accidentally kicking the shit out of bad guys.

Alternate AU idea: David is accidentally a supervillain. Constantly fucks everything up, has no idea the entire city is after him. Absurdly powerful, 100% klutz. Bonus points if Gwen was literally hired by the city to try and mitigate his destructive rampages — or as he calls them, “fun camp activities!”

this is all really cool and I want fics on all of it but first can someone please draw David fucking launching Daniel


You would not believe your dream


If I got sick of this meme

0121 2891 500


you would not believe this song
has been here for quite so long
and that tomorrow’s its date of birth

eight years in a waking dream
and now with a comeback meme
the parodies spring up from all round the earth



my aesthetic: a potted cactus on a skateboard, always moving, no one knows where it came from or where it’s going


you would not believe your legs


If ten million scrambled eggs











“You fight like a girl.”

I’m sorry


I didn’t














Reblogging because I’m sure the comic readers out there could add some more.




so sorry


i can’t hear you


over the sound


of me crushing my enemies


This list


was looking


a little




so here you go



watch tha


bodies hit


tha floor


this is the best post on tumblr, hands down

Ok but also


Anxiety’s Age Confirmed






Ok, I just realized something.

Everyone is going on about how the new sanders sides video confirmed they have rooms and such and through all the angst and chaos, we’ve missed an important detail.

Anxiety is confirmed the youngest.

Starting at 6:00 in ACCEPTING ANXIETY, Part ½: Excepting Anxiety! they begin discussing how Anxiety wasn’t in the first two sanders sides videos. As Logan states “He may not have had a physical presence, but he was always there within Thomas to some extent…”

They didn’t just leave Anxiety out of the first two videos, he didn’t exist. At least physically. They did mention Anxiety in the first video, but not in the way we’re used to thinking of him. They mention him as just fear, not a physical representation of it.

Anxiety must have appeared between WAY TOO ADULT and Taking on ANXIETY with Lilly Singh!! I say between, because Princey mentions not liking Anxiety, so they must have had time to meet and talk beforehand.

Now Anxiety could have appeared before the “WAY TOO ADULT” video, since Morality was the only one there and could have just not mentioned the new trait, but in “ACCEPTING ANXIETY, Part 1″ Princey mentions him not being in the first two videos and uses the term “we” as in who existed at the time. Take this as you will.

So what does this all of this mean? It means Anxiety became an actual trait between Nov 21, 2016 and Dec 19, 2016.

Anxiety is less than a year old.

Shocker, right? I’ve seen plenty of headcanons, fan fictions, and a lot of other stuff talking about Anxiety’s age. I’ve seen people say he’s the youngest, he’s 8 years old, he’s a child. I’ve also seen people say he’s the oldest and was the one to take care of the others. I don’t think anyone guessed this.

I literally just came up with this while doing a puzzle, so please add in your own input!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and here’s what I think:

The concept of each of the sides would probably come into being at different points in Thomas’s life. I think Roman is the oldest, mainly because Creativity is the first thing children have, and Roman is the Creative trait.

Patton is next, being the trait that represents his Morality. Most children are taught morals first, and then as Thomas grew up, Patton became the trait that represented his “Dad” or fathering side.

Logan is next, inspired by Thomas going to school and sparking a of love of learning.

It is important to note that each of these sides made appearances in multiple Vines before Anxiety even existed.

Now, even the concept of Anxiety is the youngest. Most people who experience severe anxiety don’t get it until after they’ve been in school for a few years, usually in middle school (Unless you’re me and you’ve had crippling social anxiety ever since you entered kindergarten). So Thomas wouldn’t have felt Anxiety until he was, at earliest, in his early teens. So it would make sense that each of the sides would show up in a similar order.

Personally, I think Patton came before Roman because you learn right from wrong very early in your life and creativity might’ve shown up when Thomas started watching disney movies and his creativity was sparked. But that’s all just speculation. We can’t confirm anything until Thomas tells us.

But this is such an angsty concept. Like what happened when Anxiety first appeared for the first onscreen interaction between Prince and Anxiety is for Prince to say that he doesn’t like Anxiety? What happened that made Prince constantly be mean to Anxiety? What made it that Logic hand Anxiety were hostile to each other in the beginning? What made Patton so protective Anxiety (besides that he’s a dad)? How was Anxiety dealing with all this without even being a year old??  

I love this, but also consider this.

Anxiety is the youngest but he’s existed for more than a year, it’s just the others never saw him. He existed in Thomas’s mind, but he could never bring himself to step out of the shadows and introduce himself to the others. After all, what if it went wrong? What if they didn’t like him? Better to just stay hidden.

But then he hears about the video, and of course he would hear about it, creative projects always cause anxiety, and then he thinks, maybe. Because he sees the others and the way they interact, and there’s a pang in his chest. And afterwards, he keeps catching himself imagining being with them, hearing their jokes, maybe making some of his own. 

And so he works up the courage, actually manages to make himself step forward for the first time ever. And then all of his worst fears come true.

Because they see him as the bad guy. Because Prince hates him. And what is he supposed to do now? They know he exists. So he buries any hopes and dreams he might have had, and hides himself behind a wall of snark and sarcasm so thick that no one can get through. Because he’s fine, he doesn’t need them.

(he’s lying)

July 13 2017

3981 71ae






An artist made a “third thumb” for your hand that makes everything easier

follow @the-future-now

so we’re just gonna play god now huh?

hell fucking yes we are

also it would be super great for people missing a thumb!

My very thought.
3982 2c0c









they’re not wrong



correct but incomplete (and therefore wrong.) consider:

blocked, reported, corrected, wronged 

So are they or are they not bears bears? Correct me if I’m wrong, but this doesn’t seem correct…


Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.









Of fucking course

What sick bastard doesn’t

“You’d be surprised”, said Xaldien, who just lost four followers and received a lovely “men can’t be raped” anon shortly after reblogging this the first time.

Yowch, disgusting.

If I don’t reblog this, assume I’m dead.

Always reblog this

If you Dont reblog this if u see it then i cant call u my friend

Um, Duh? If you don’t reblog this I’m looking all my respect for you

((I mean if I didn’t I’d be a pretty shitty person, especially because my male character is a victim of these things))

3984 46b9 500








You would not believe your hats


If 10 million hungry bats

3985 9e61 500


ngl this has probably been my favorite headline of today






head, shoulders, bees and toes


and toes

(bees and toes)



Hey kids let’s get meta for a moment.

Let’s say aliens are real, and let’s say we communicate with them, and let’s say they find out about this weird internet thing where humans write little mini stories about future human interactions with aliens.

Can you imagine how fucking confused and concerned they would be? These two-legged assholes who were so enamored with the concept of meeting other intelligent species, even though for the longest time they had NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF that said other species exist, that they wrote stories about those other species, to the point of making up creatures and systems of mood communication and names for their made up aliens? 

Which brings me to my Great Theory About The Purpose Of Storytelling: it’s practice. We tell stories about that time we had the flu really bad to practice getting the flu with our friends so we all know how to properly manage the symptoms. We tell stories about our children to practice dealing with their unpredictability. We tell stories about war and famine and pestilence to practice dealing with disaster. And we tell stories about aliens to practice etiquette for dealing with aliens. 

We tell stories of our own ferocity and ingenuity to practice for the day we have to either defend our planet or invite ourselves into an alliance. We tell stories of our aggressive pack-bonding to practice bonding with creatures that are literally alien to us. We tell stories about trading chores for passage on space ships to practice Just Because They’re Aliens Doesn’t Mean You Can Be Rude. 

And of course, if we can practice bonding and cooperating with creatures that may not even breathe oxygen, we can practice bonding and cooperating with each other.

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